Neurological Terms beginning with S

Glossary of neurological terms
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secretase search for term

is a protease. There are three known forms: alpha, beta, and gamma. They process APP.

sensory neurons search for term

neurons that connect to sensory surfaces, such as the skin or the retina.

serin protease inhibitor search for term

normally prevents proteases from digesting proteins.

serotonin search for term

a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating a number of mental processes including mood and memory

SGS742 search for term

an experimental drug now in human clinical trials; SGS742 works by blocking certain chemicals that interfere with memory formation, thus enabling better acquisition and retention of new information.

sporadic Alzheimer's search for term

is the more common form of Alzheimer's; unlike the rare early-onset form of Alzheimer's, it is not strongly familial, although there are genes that increase vulnerability to the disease (see APOE gene).

statins search for term

are a class of cholesterol-lowering drug. The jury is still out on whether these drugs have any effect on Alzheimer's.

Stroop test search for term

The Stroop effect concerns color-name interference: when you see the name of a color written in the same color, that’s easier to process than when the color doesn’t match the name (for example, ‘red’ written in blue ink). Comparison of the different reaction times (how long it takes you to process RED written in red compared to RED written in blue) has been used to test attention, executive function, and processing speed, and less directly the presence of various disorders.

synapse search for term

the site where one neuron makes contact with another.

synaptic plasticity search for term

the ability of synapses to be altered resulting in a modification of synaptic transmission; considered to be the foundation of learning and memory

synaptic proteins search for term

are proteins involved in brain cell communications. They are decreased in the brains of Alzheimer's, especially in the frontal cortex. The loss seems to occur early in the disease process, and may be caused by mitochondrial dysfunction.

synaptic transmission search for term

the process of transfering information at a synapse

syndapin search for term

a molecule that works with a key protein called dynamin to allow the transmission of messages between nerve cells