Brain Regions beginning with O

Glossary of brain regions
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occipital lobe search for term

one of the lobes of the cerebrum, situated at the back of the skull, and above the hindbrain. It borders with the parietal lobe (from which it is not clearly demarcated) and the temporal lobe. The occipital lobe contains the primary visual cortex, where visual information is processed.

operculum search for term

is located in the inferior frontal gyrus, and partly overlaps with Broca's area. It's recently been implicated as one of the structures in the brain that coordinates the activities of other brain regions.

orbitofrontal cortex search for term

a part of the frontal lobe. Traditionally thought to be involved in "personality traits", such as social adjustment and the control of mood, drive and responsibility, and more recently implicated in drug addiction. Recent rat studies have found evidence that changing nerve cell firing patterns in the orbitofrontal cortex are involved in the learned of associations, through a connection with the amygdala.