Brain Regions beginning with L

Glossary of brain regions
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lateral temporal cortex search for term

a part of the temporal lobe that is implicated in language processing, in particular rhyme.

lateral ventricle search for term

part of a series of interconnected cavities containing cerebrospinal fluid in the core of the brain

left caudate search for term

the left hemisphere caudate has been implicated in the control of language switching in the brains of bilingual people.

left inferior frontal gyrus search for term

the part of the inferior frontal cortex in the left hemisphere; implicated in preventing memory interference

left prefrontal cortex search for term

part of the prefrontal cortex; active during both procedural and declarative learning; active during encoding of unfamiliar faces.

limbic lobe search for term

a lobe that lies deep within the cerebrum - a broad collar of cortex fringing the corpus callosum (limbic means "border"). The limbic lobe includes the hippocampus, cingulate gyrus, dentate gyrus, and the parahippocampal gyrus.

lobes search for term

the cerebrum is highly convoluted - it is this deep and numerous folding that vastly increases the cortical area of the human brain. The deepest fissures provide somewhat arbitrary boundaries for the mapping of the brain. Following these guidelines, the cerebrum is divided into five lobes: the frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital and limbic lobes.

locus coeruleus search for term

a small group of neurons within the pons that use norepinephrine as their neurotransmitter and project widely through the brain.