Introducing Mynd

Everyday, I come across reports and articles on the Web that bear on the topic of memory and learning, and I faithfully file them away, with the intention of doing 'something' with them. Many get put in my file of articles to discuss, or riff off, in my blog - which grows and grows, until I end up with huge Word documents containing articles NOT discussed in 2009, 2010, 2011 ... I have tried a variety of ways to at least spin off those worthy of mention that I don't have the time or inclination to discuss. None of these have proved satisfactory.

What I want - because my abiding belief, that underscores what this website is about, is that very little is particularly helpful on its own - is to have these reports and articles recorded, tagged and categorized, so that we can follow or explore a specific topic. And, of course, I want something that doesn't require me to do anything very much, except record, tag, and categorize, so that I can keep up with the constant stream without it interfering so much with what I should be doing (writing more books; getting my courses up and running them!).

Accordingly, I am starting a new section of this website - a blog which is what's known as a filter blog, or curated site. That is, I will post links (with a selected excerpt and usually some sort of brief comment) to articles and news releases I come across on the mind, memory, and learning, as I come across them, and these will be tagged and categorized so that you can follow or explore a topic or sub-topic. These will automatically be posted to my twitter feed.

There are, of course (aren't there always?), grey areas. Most particularly when it comes to research news. I have havered about this for some time; in the end, it comes down to an arbitrary decision. I do want to make a distinction between research I have actually read and thought about, as opposed to noting it in passing. So, I am going to make a clearer distinction, and only post in the 'news' feed, those which I want to report on in detail. Others will go in the Mynd feed. The former will be fewer in future, but there will be an overall increase in the number of reports. Those who get my monthly news digest will be able to see both, with the fuller reports being clearly separated from the briefer ones. At Mynd, there is a clear distinction between research reports and 'commentary', and you can also see posts belonging to five specific categories: Problems, Lifestyle factors, Strategies, Education, and 'Cognition' (which is the label I am applying to all those 'about memory & cognition' subjects).

I have also created three new rss feeds, so you can choose whether you'd like to follow all posts (from both Mempowered and Mynd), commentary only (Mempowered blog posts plus Mynd commentary posts) or research news only (news items from both Mempowered and Mynd)

I hope all this will be a significant site improvement.



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